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A beautiful image of the Share No. 2 of the Company “Giuseppe Ferretti S.p.A.”, in the name of Alessandro Ferretti (grandfather and homonymous of the current Sole Director), dated 30 April 1966 exactly 55 years ago… Continue reading

30 Aprile 2021 News


On the anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Ferretti, founder of this long-lived company on 1903, a thought goes to our lover deceased.Let not that Covid-19 pandemic prevent a moment of remembrance to keep alive the teachings of the past… Continue reading

7 Novembre 2020 News

Corporate celebration

On the anniversary of Giuseppe Ferretti’s birth, founder of this successful and lasting company back in 1903, we gathered to commemorate our loved ones who had passed away. A moment of remembrance and sharing to keep alive the teachings of the past.               &nbs… Continue reading

8 Novembre 2019 News

Past and Future

Those who forget their past, do not face the future in the right way: here is a shot of a convivial meeting with the company technicians in Brescia in 1924. The employees and site managers are portrayed here with the owner Giuseppe Ferretti and his son Alessandro.           &nbs… Continue reading

22 Febbraio 2019 News
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