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Keyword Self-incrimination

Keyword “self-incrimination” to bring out potentially dangerous situations so far unknown and carried out in good faith. The purpose of no self-incrimination is not to sanction but to keep on improving.               &nbs… Continue reading

30 Agosto 2019 News

Safety Meeting

#SafetyFirst – Great attendance at the monthly safety meeting in the presence of the Management and the supervisors. Matteo Pellino – employer, exposed to his collaborators the events that occurred in the various operational sites.         &nbs… Continue reading

10 Maggio 2019 News

Safety Card

A new Ferretti safety initiative: all our workers will be provided with a nominal “Safety Card”, showing the specific qualifications and related deadlines. A way to make immediately accessible to our safety supervisors each employee’s fitness for work. Simple and effective… In one word: Safeteasy!               &nbs… Continue reading

15 Febbraio 2019 News

Ferretti Safety Awards 2018

Also this year the Safety Awards were held, rewarding the managers who distinguished themselves during the year by their commitment and perseverance in obtaining the results. Congratulations to Luigi, Ernaldo, Alberto, Luigi.The President Alessandro Ferretti, underlining the importance of safety on the construction site, also complimented all the Safety Staff for the over 2,000 supervisory … Continue reading

4 Gennaio 2019 News

Habits not to break

Why make a meeting between supervisors and managers every Friday? Because for Ferretti the discussion is the basis for improving, for reflecting and giving useful insights on central issues like safety and efficiency … An habit not to brake!… Continue reading

30 Novembre 2018 News